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Materials are on a first come, first served basis only and are subject to availability.  Holds cannot be placed on equipment.  Different loan periods may apply for other items. When you check items out, your library account will indicate the due date for each item.  

Length of check-out: 2 nights. No renewals.

Returns: Equipment must be returned directly to Service Center staff persons for processing.   Borrowing is not available for this item again until the following business day.

What you should know: By popular request, we've updated our digital video cameras to an HD verison. Enjoy capturing high-defnition video footage and still shots with this camera. Check out a tripod to ensure movement-free filming.

Where to buy: B&H

Complete users manual:  Sony HD Users Guide 

Using the Sony HD Video Camera

You will get:

  • Sony HD Video Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Case


Using a Sony HD Video Camera to take Video

1. Turn on the camera by opening the screen.

2. Verify that the camera is in video mode. Select the Menu option by pressing the center of the arrow buttons.

3. Select the “Shooting Mode” icon.

4. Select the “Movie” icon.

5. Verify that that the camera is set to high quality recording, which will be indicated by an HQ symbol slightly below the battery icon.

6. If this does not say HQ, enter the settings menu, select the “Image Quality/Size” icon.

7. Once you have selected the icon, select "REC Mode" and then select "Standard HQ." Select the "OK" at the top-left side of the screen to return to recording mode.


8. Open the lens cover.

9. To begin recording, press the START/STOP button.

10. Use the knob on top of the camera marked “W” and “T” to zoom while on standby or while recording. Push it to the left (W) to zoom out or push to the right (T) to zoom in.

11. To end recording press the START/STOP button again.



Using a Sony HD Video Camera to take Photos

1. To take photos, press the PHOTO button on top of the camera.

The photos can be extracted following the steps below.



Extracting Video Files from a Sony HD Video Camera

1. Plug the Sony USB cable into your computer and into the camera, after removing the USB connection from the hand strap.

2. Locate your files by selecting the HDR-CX220 icon in “My Computer”, then the Storage Media folder. Within this folder, there will be a folder labeled with the date that the videos and/or photos were recorded. Open this folder to drag and drop your files onto your computer.



Deleting Video Files from a Sony HD Video Camera

1. Enter the play back mode by pressing the playback button.

2. Use the arrows to bring the desired date into the center of the screen and choose it by pushing the select button.

3. Select an image that you wish to delete.

4. Choose Delete by moving the arrow to the trash can icon.

5. You can choose to delete “This Image” or “Multiple Images”.

 6.  If you choose to delete multiple images select the images you want to delete using the arrows and then select "OK"