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Getting Started

Welcome to the landing pages for the devices section of our guides! Here, you can find all of the devices offered by KSL for checkout, as well as detailed instructions on what you will get in each kit. Make sure to dive into the guides and check out the Learn More sections, where you can find user manuals, purchasing sites, and information on length of checkout and model numbers!

If you are in need of assistance with choosing or troubleshooting a device, contact the Freedman Center Team at

Audio Recorders

For all your recording needs, KSL has small and portable audio recorders. Check them out below!

Digital Cameras

KSL offers a variety of digital cameras - both for shooting pictures and video. Check the guides below to see which one is best for you!

Presentations & Projectors

Often checked out by individuals and clubs, KSL offers a large full scale projector and screen for rent, or a small projector for checkout, as well as a laser pointer for presentations!

Tablets & Calibration Tools

Useful for note taking, multitasking, or testing, KSL offers a variety of tablets each suited to your specific needs! Also offered is a color monitor calibrator to ensure perfect colors!